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Man with Samurai Sword

Who We Are

We are a non-commercial dojo that teaches traditional Japanese martial arts from Samurai/Ninja lineage.

We have been running since 1995 and operate out of Gloucestershire.

Our instructors have proven lineage and are registered in Japan by the Bujinkan society. Menkyo (Licences) are available on request.

Our primary goal is to teach the art to those who wish to learn, and we are not interested in leveraging money from our students.

  • We do not charge any joining fees or grading fees, as we believe that it is your right to learn and progress in the art without any financial burden.

  • If you pass a grading, we will buy you a new belt as a token of your achievement.

  • We do not expect you to sign a contract or set up a direct debit, but if you train regularly, you can save money by doing so. Please refer to our pricing plans for more information.


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